240SX Basic Suspension

Nissan 240SX – Basic Suspension

The 240SX uses a MacPherson Strut front suspension and a 5-link independent rear suspension. The suspension system is supplemented by front and rear sway bars. (The 1995-1998 240SX Standard Coupe had only a front sway bar.) The S14 suspension works in the same way as the S13 although the dimensions of the components are slightly …

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240SX Super HICAS Suspension

Nissan 240SX – Super HICAS Suspension

Super HICAS (High Capacity Actively Controlled Suspension) is Nissan’s four-wheel steering system used on the 240SX. A similar system is used on the Nissan Skyline. Early HICAS designs used hydraulics for rear steering, but Super HICAS uses electronic actuators controlled by the ECM. Four-wheel steering on the 240SX is designed to improve low-speed maneuverability and …

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